Addhocc: Enterprise Resource Planning, Website Design, and Marketing Development

Aadhocc is an IT software and web solutions development company that specializes in connecting our clients with innovative technology, with our tailored applications and solutions directing specific B2C and B2B companies.


A Focus on Enterprise Resource Planning

Aadhocc focuses on enterprise resource planning, a suite of business processes and software that allows an organization to implement a system of integrated applications to further manage and automate administrative tasks, back office functions, and human resources. Enterprise resource planning can be employed on different aspects of operations, including development, manufacturing, marketing, and sales.

Core Solutions

Aadhocc is a custom software and enterprise resource planning development company that has allowed us to wear many hats. We are understanding and effective problem solvers who provide full cycle software.

Why choose Aadhocc

Streamlining everyday business processes. A business process presents a series of steps carried out by an individual or a department. It is a repeatable assignment that ensures that a certain business goal is met. It is different from a task — while a task is usually a one-off mission, business processes are integral to the health of the company. Onboarding new employees, human resources, and signing certain documents are all processes. By streamlining these processes, Aadhocc helps companies meet higher profits and productivity levels. The end result is an improvement in the process with a lower defect rate and improved outputs.

Aadhocc first helps streamline these processes by using process mapping. By visualizing your processes, it is a lot easier to analyze them, giving you a top-down view of these processes. We employ flowchart and workflow management software that create diagrams and charts so we can visualize and quantify everyday processes that are sometimes overlooked.

Aadhocc delivers products with no compromise to quality. By outsourcing some of your enterprise resource planning processes to Aadhocc, you will improve cost advantages, efficiency, and allow your department to focus on core areas.

When outsourcing processes, you need a partner like Aadhocc that will bring years of experience in business practices and expertise in delivering enterprise application. These enterprise applications are relied on by large corporations and businesses that require a dedicated team — and we present that team. Aadhocc will then help you release your attention to other areas of the business.

Because of our engagement with our customers, we are familiar with expectations and how to exceed them. Enterprise resource planning can be implemented on small and large businesses alike and has become mainstream. Although popular, enterprise resource planning can be riddled with mistakes and logistical errors, as well as poor implementation. Some of the major challenges faced are the same across the board, regardless if enterprise resource planning is incremented on small businesses or larger, more complex corporations.

Some of the issues that Aadhocc mitigates include conceptualizing the scope of problems and technical issues. When a company wants to launch an information system project, some of the questions that many managers and higher-ups will include the scope of the system, and what it actually requires so that it can be a suitable solution among hundreds of software options that are currently available to them. There is no single answer — that creates a selection problem. This stagnation encourages companies to think that they are immune to these challenges. It's important to be wary of this conclusion without the proper background, like selecting software systems and seeing how it interacts once it becomes a feature in your system. Aadhocc simplifies the process of selecting the right software and applications for your specific needs. If you need more ad-hoc measurements or beliefs it is good to check out the Forex trading business. Trading Forex is all the must nowadays. Etoro review will give you a good overview what is going on in the Forex market and you will get a better understanding of how it all works.

Aadhocc Website Design and Development

Aadhocc also offers website design, ensuring that your sites are responsive and receptive to online readers. Businesses use websites to communicate objectives, sell a product, humanize their brand, as well as generate leads. Unfortunately, many websites tend to be lacking in functionality. Having a professional website is important, especially with the litany of algorithms that demand that websites are designed for the readers and not just income generation. You want a website that adheres to these algorithms and requirements to ensure the legality of your website.