About Us

Aadhocc is a rapidly growing IT company that offers a variety of software solutions that include enterprise resource planning, web design, and development, online marketing, with the company touching upon almost every aspect of off-line and online SEO.

Aadhocc puts the spotlight on streamlining information technology. We ensure that efficient communication is a critical aspect of your company to guarantee success. In a world that is so connected with ideas and businesses quickly dispersing information; recruiting, retaining, and leveraging your online presence has become critical and even a requirement for collaboration with others in your industry. One of the advantages of working closely with Aadhocc is that communication is not only streamlined externally but also internally.

One of the advantages of partnering with Aadhocc is our ability to enhance a company's competitive edge in the marketplace by facilitating knowledge transfer and strategic thinking. Assessing social networks and subscription databases have helped enabled our clients to assemble and interpret data like never before. That has given new businesses a competitive edge, empowering businesses with unparalleled access to customer and consumer information, enabling organizations and whole companies to deliver enhanced products.

Given the range of functions that enterprise resource planning encompass, it should be no surprise that can be a bit difficult for companies to select the right suite of applications. While companies are free to build their own enterprise resource planning programs from the bottom up, the complexity and cost can be difficult to absorb. This is where Aadhocc comes into play.

We'll represent on-premise software that are installed onto your servers and business computers. This will ensure that you aren't running outdated software which is a reality for two-thirds of midsize businesses that are running older versions of enterprise resource planning programs. Why is there such a lack of proper implementation and lag in the industry? This is because organizations sometimes decide that re-implementing incremental updates and releases are too great, especially if upgrades require that a business risk losing critical interrogation options or customizability. Keeping enterprise resource planning current is key to maximizing potential. By choosing Addhocc, we'll ensure that systems updates preserve the custom features that you want.

A Focus on Executive Enterprise Resource Planning For Executives

Before we implement any sort of product or plan, we will ensure that your company has proper staff resources to see the project through. This might seem a bit obvious for savvy companies, but many begin deployment without proper resource allocation, resulting in overworked employees or a less than optimal environment for implementing your projects. We help identify dedicated project leaders and teams for your enterprise resource planning team to ensure that the project goes smoothly. Being savvy of these things have helped Aadhocc launch deployments that will stay on the right track and keep it there throughout the process.

Our success comes from dedication to our variety of software solution that includes enterprise resource planning, web design, Internet marketing, and converting leads. We are the one stop shop when it comes to ensuring online success. We carved our own niche by intently listening to our customers and the complaint when it comes to partnering up with other companies. We act in accordance with industry certified processes, while actively engaging in building relationships with our customers.

Our vision represents a commitment to technology and seeing through big challenges with the help of innovative technology. At Aadhocc, our vision is to achieve excellence through innovation exceeding expectations improving quality control, productivity, and our suite of software.