Software Development

Aadhocc helps to solve your project's problems with our dedicated team services, helping to expand your online businesses by creating a competent and feature-rich website. We deal with the back end and the front end, dealing with PHP as well as elements in the front and to ensure that your readers enjoy their experience with your online properties. Our experts at Aadhocc are familiar with technologies like, JSP, XML, and MS SQL as well as Oracle.

Our software development team include enterprise resource planning. Enterprise resource planning represents software solutions that address the needs of an organization by integrating various functions into a process that is approachable and scalable. We give a comprehensive solution to ensure that your needs are met. The benefits of Aadhocc building upon enterprise resource planning include:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Streamlined processes
  • Integrated information
  • Forecasting and reporting of data
  • Competition and opportunities for collaboration

Enterprise software development ensures that apps and software do not impede your productivity. Our team at Aadhocc leverage several years of expertise in enterprise software development and modernizing legacy systems. We recognize that your business needs reliable enterprise solutions to support your operations in your everyday business processes. It needs to be able to be

scaled, and coordinate with other apps, as well as incorporate advanced and innovative technology to cover your extensive objectives. Aadhocc realizes that your enterprises need well coordinated third-party applications and the two integrate properly and efficiently without impeding other tasks and processes. We help to improve software infrastructure with market services and a reliable API.

We also offer Forex trading, with our dedicated team providing a trader for any online trading platform. There is a nondisclosure agreement to ensure integrity with our system taking advantage of FX market analysis and streaming news to ensure proper risk assessment.

Web Design Services

No matter how much you may think you know about website design, it is a continuously evolving niche that will require you to be abreast with the latest trends and innovation. At Aadhocc, we do most of the heavy lifting, ensuring that you have a modern design that is professional and spotlights functionality. With our services, you will save time and you will get a website that is reliable.

Our Aadhocc software technologies represent a professional web designing company that aims to provide the best website for small businesses as well as larger corporations. We guarantee that your site will look professional and adhere to the latest trends, with our affordable packages that include custom PHP program development, e-commerce deployment, custom graphics, as well as transaction and credit card processing. At Aadhocc, we provide:

  • Website design
  • Content management
  • Search engine optimization
  • Databases
  • Animations using dynamic HTML, Java, and flash.
  • Logo design. We understand that logos can be used to humanize companies, which is an asset that has become important, especially if you're trying to cater to younger audiences.

Because we will become your web developers, you will use the latest technologies. This includes mobile-friendly design that are just as intuitive as full-blown websites on a computer browser. Our professional web design company will give your website that takes advantage of these emerging tools and technologies.

Aadhocc Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO is the primary way to garner organic readers. By implementing the right keywords, you'll be able to place your website on the top positions on the search engine results page. With the proper implementation, you will be able to gain organic readers and those who are actively looking for your services. This will create streams of traffic that are highly convertible, and sensitive to your call to action.

When you work with Aadhocc to improve on your website or to help with current situation with your website's SEO efforts, then you will save time and money. Our SEO professionals have fluency in the latest in SEO technology and requirements. SEO is a language that can be difficult to understand and grasp, especially if you are a large corporation who are too busy investing in other areas of your business for you to fully understand the scope of SEO. We help improve bounce rates, build upon landing pages, including latent semantic indexing and keyword cannibalization.

Our SEO services include keyword research and analysis, making sure that the current website will be able to land a certain keyword. By successfully identifying industry related keywords, it will not only attract a stream of like-minded readers but will also inadvertently aid your online affiliate marketing campaigns.

We also spotlight the importance of long-tailed keywords. These are multi-word keywords that are typically about three or four words long. They are very specific. With some research, we will be able to index your website for these specific terms that are sometimes overlooked. Even though these terms may not have the traffic of single word terms that are usually more popular, they are a lot easier to rank.