Search engine optimization is becoming a lot more difficult to pinpoint and implement, especially when it comes to mobile SEO. With the number of people relying on mobile devices for their online research, it makes sense that businesses, corporations, and online platforms are putting in the effort to service these consumers and ensure that they are able to place their products and services in front of them. However, there might be a bit of difficulty when it comes to modernizing and keeping up with trends when it comes to mobile SEO.

While the current reiteration of mobile SEO is simple and relatively straightforward, it's hard to conceptualize what it means to have an "optimized for mobile" website. It's worth defining those things and how it is a bit difficult to conceptualize them and execute a plan of action that is effective.

For example, while responsive design is preferable, sometimes that does not translate to a website that is properly optimized for mobile. The current state of mobile is largely volatile, but it has currently surpassed desktop numbers. For example, according to Statista, the average adult spends about 2.8 hours surfing the Internet on their phones and only 2.4 hours doing so on their personal computers or laptops. While there is

Responsive Designs

No denying that mobile use is on the rise, sometimes it is hard to convert them or be lost in the ocean of information out there.

Mobile optimizers still have a way to go. While responsive designs can be properly implemented for the desktop version of most websites, it can potentially fail when it comes to mobile, with coding not properly being loaded on homepages, and mobile users struggling to search for specific elements on the website.

Aadhocc comes

This is where Aadhocc comes into play. We can help create a separate mobile site or build upon your current website properties to make them more optimized for mobile platforms. We work with close deadlines and have already surpassed client expectations.